Our Release Roadmap

Phase 1 - Embed!

Clickfunnels membership area - Delivered!

Highlevel membership area - Delivered!

Highlevel user custom menu link - Delivered!

Phase 2 - Recover Launch!

SMTP Whitelabel for your emails - Delivered!

Email Templates and editor - Delivered!

Customer List Management - Delivered!

Delinquiency (Recover) Management for Failed Charges - Delivered!

Customer Billing Portal Direct Links (Manual management) - Delivered!

Phase 3 - Report!

Recovery Performance - Delivered!

Churn Reporting Dashboard

Revenue Reporting Dashboard

Phase 4 - Recover 2.0 - SMS!

SMS Integration

SMS Configuration and workflows

Phase 5 - Checkout

Direct Payment Links

Invoicing Links

Embeddable Checkout and Integration (CF, GHL)

Phase 6 - New Payment Gateways

Add Paypal Management

Add NMI Management

Add Auth.next Management

and more...